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 Video: the Aria, 'Erbarme Dich' (From 2018)

 Video: The full performance from 2018

The Passion According to St Matthew (J.S. Bach), Part II

The first performance of the St. Matthew Passion was given at the Leipzig Thomaskirche, on Good Friday of 1727. But Bach substantially revised his greatest, most complex liturgical work in 1736, and the Toccata Presentations are based on that version. The St Matthew Passion, in this form, was his last major composition for the Leipzig congregations.

The St. Matthew Passion was written for two separate Choirs, accompanied by two small Orchestras. In most Arias, only one Orchestra provides accompaniment. The Choirs are sometime separated, but more often sing in unison or antiphony - moving the story forwards, and also providing commentary on the events. At different times, the Choruses appear as an unruly mob, or quiet witnesses, or actual participants in the story.

Vocal Soloists for this presentation will include: Michael DeWayne as the Evangelist; Stuart Duke as Jesus; Michael Lloyd as Peter; Richard Haines as Judas; Erik Linnel as Pilate; and Richard Haines as the Priest.  Joy Strotz will appear as Mother Mary.   Becky Earl  and Anne Davidson  will also be performing, in other female roles.

The Two TOCCATA Orchestras will feature Brian Fox as Concertmaster for Orchestra One;  Kate Peterson as Concermaster for Orchestra Two;  With David Brock,  Katie Lauder Cardoza,   Nick Haines, and  Lou Groffman, as continuo.

All concert performances will be conducted by Maestro James Rawie.   Click on any location to see a map:

These Concerts will be performed without ticketing. Donations are preferred at the door, or online at the donations page.

The Concert of Saturday, March 27 will also be live-streamed from the Church at 4 PM. If you are unable to attend, you may watch the concert here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC75iVtlmEnCoLAHVAN-LMDQ.

The BRRROQUE (non-covid) MASTERS
Feb 13 through Feb 21, 2021

The TOCCATA–Tahoe Symphony Orchestra begins our 16th Season with BRRROQUE MASTERS. Nearly all of our players are already vaccine recipients (being school teachers, or over age 65).

We do not require that Concert attendees be vaccinated already, but we will enforce strictly limited audience seating with widely-spaced "social distancing". Masks are required. This program features Toccata's own musicians as Soloists in a program of music from the baroque period.

  • Jean-Jospeh Mouretes: The Fanfare from the Suite de Sinfonies (with Rebecca Mueller on "TrOboe");
  • Arcangelo Corelli: The Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 8 (with Violinists Jeffrey Lindhorst and Ondine Parker).
  • Giuseppe Sammartini: The Recorder Concerto in F (with soloist John Cardoza).
  • G.F. Handel: Aria 5-6, Thus Saith The Load... But Who May Abide from The Messiah (sung by Stuart Duke).
  • Georg Phillip Telemann: The Viola Concerto (with soloist Josh Warren).
  • Marcello: The Concerto for Oboe, 1st movement (with soloist Rebecca Mueller on Oboe).
  • J.S Bach: The Brandenburg Concerto #3, for nine solo insturments
  • J.S Bach: Aria 'Mache dich, mein Herze, rein'  from The St Matthew Passion (sung by Stuart Duke).

The Continuo performers are Nick Haines on Cello, and Katie Lauder Cardoza on Kebyoards. Concert performances will be conducted by Maestro James Rawie.

Performances occurred on scheduled for the following dates:

We are not charging admission for these concerts, and we will not be handling tickets at the door. You must reserve your seat in advance by email to ToccataTahoe@gmail.com. In lieu of admmission tickets, we are requesting that online donations be made using this link into our donations page. Our range of ticket prices for these concerts ticket prices is normally $25 - $40 per seat.

Upcoming, Moved to 2022: The TOCCATA Concert Tour of Southwest France and Barcelona   April 21 - May 2, 2022

Hold these Dates! Toccata's 2022 Tour

You are invited to join 25 Singers, 12 members of our Orchestra, and our other "boosters" in a tour of Southern France and the exciting Spanish City of Barcelona, with 5 concerts in fabulous Churches.

Watch this space for upcoming details!

The complete itinerary is subject to change. You will be able to fly to and from Reno with the main group, or you also will be free to make your own travel arrangements.

Announcing our New CD, 'Viva Vivaldi'

The Toccata-Tahoe Orchestra and Chorus is delighted to announce the Release of a new, jumbo-length CD. It features performances of works by Antonio Vivaldi, the "Red Priest" of Venice.

Performances date from 2015 through 2020, and they occurred at a number of different Reno-Tahoe area churches. Elizabeth Pitcairn plays the 'Winter' Concerto from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and the Vivaldi Gloria in D Major is performed in it's entirety. The much-loved "Violin Concerto in A Minor" is also present, performed by Brune Macary.

A "Triple" Concerto in D minor is performed by Brune Macary and Virginia Bowman on Violin, and by Charles Taggert on Cello.

And, from a 2020 performance, The Concerto for 2 horns in F Major is performed by Bruce Kanzelmeyer and Kevin Miescke on French Horn. This also features Nick Haines, as Solo Cello, and David Brock, on Harpsichord Continuo.

The CD is available for purchase Here.

Click the CD jacket image to play the first movement of Vivaldi's Gloria, as a lower-fidelity MP3.

✔ Smaller, More Intimate Venues

✔ A Wide Variety of Music Performed

✔ Affordable Ticket Prices & Free Entry for Children

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