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A soirée, from the French, is an elegant evening gathering (soir = evening). TOCCATA has soirées generally in the mid- to late afternoon. (Not quite as elegant, but more convenient.) Our soirées are built around vocal and instrumental music. This carries on a tradition going back centuries. They are held either in a private home or at a club. Typically, twenty to forty people attend. Guests are treated to marvelous light food and beverages. They are more casual than a true evening soirée - fancy dress is not required.

Members of the Chorus perform solos and duets. These are usually accompanied by piano. Instrumental works are also common and may feature members of our young artist program. In most cases the featured presentation is the soloist performing in the current concert series. For the audience, these performances are a unique opportunity to experience such music at very close range.

There are two flavors of soirées: Friend-raisers are designed to introduce new people to the TOCCATA experience.  They are without charge – however, attendees are invited to contribute.  Fund-raisers, which feature a talented guest artist, require a tax-deductible contribution. Tickets for upcoming soirées may be purchased on TOCCATA’s web site Tickets page.

✔ Smaller, More Intimate Venues

✔ A Wide Variety of Music Performed

✔ Affordable Ticket Prices & Free Entry for Children

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