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Hints for the *NEW* Shopping Cart

We invite you to try our new mobile-device friendly shopping cart! Simply fill in the UserID field with your email address and create a password of your choice to make your account. TOCCATA will never share your email.

With our new cart you can easily purchase tickets with your home computer or mobile device. If you’d like to go paperless, simply check-in at the concert using your mobile device to show your purchase invoice confirmation. For now, you may also still use the traditional cart and print out your PayPal receipt as proof of purchase for concert check-in.

To use the Mobile-Friendly Cart click here: New Shopping Cart.
To use the Traditional Cart click here: Old Shopping Cart.

If you encounter any technical difficulties please email a description of your problem using the Webmaster Email link below.

Thank you for choosing to attend a TOCCATA concert, and enjoy the new cart!


- - Information Below is for Apple Safari Users Only - -

The 'New Shopping Car' uses "pop-up" panels. If your Safari "Window" is not tall enough to show the entire pop-up, then you need to access the scrollbar. But Apple devices have a system "preference" which hides scrollbars. (Clicking to show the scrollbar erases the pop-up.) You can avoid the problem by installing and using an alternate "web browser", such as Chrome. But many Apple Owners prefer to stay with Safari, and change this "System Preference" so that scrollbars are always shown when they might be needed. (Changing the system preference also provides visible scrollbars to all Apple-installed programs, including email and photo management.)

To change the preference, open "System Preferences" from the application shortcut bar, or from inside the "Apple Menu" at the top left of your screen. Select "General Options". The top of the panel will look like this:

Apple General Preference Panel.

Set the Option "Show Scroll Bars" to value "Always", and then click the Title Bar Red Dot ( upper left, "save and close") to save the change systsem-wide.
For a complete discussion with more reference images, please see: New York Times: Solving the Case of the Disappearing Scroll Bars

✔ Smaller, More Intimate Venues

✔ A Wide Variety of Music Performed

✔ Affordable Ticket Prices & Free Entry for Children

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